What’s Love Got to Do With It?

What’s Love Got to Do With It?

It may be one of those weary weeks where you’re finding it hard to be inspired or to feel energized. Maybe it is one of those days that no matter what you do to cheer up, you’re finding it hard to be grateful and joyous. I mean let’s even be honest. It can be annoying when we are told to just “get over it” or to be anything other than how we are feeling. When these days and moments strike, it’s okay to drop into your experience and allow yourself to just BE with what is.

Honor your experience and be with the difficult moments. Be with the tough feelings. It’s in those tough spaces where we allow more of God to expand into those tough moments where we would rather run away and hide from Him. It’s in these experiences where we can get closer to God. It’s in these periods where we are in transition of our healing and moving towards greater growth and wholeness.

Maybe we need help though in turning towards and sitting with these experiences. By reaching out for support, we are allowing the space where we exist and the space where we meet others to be infused with the spirit of His grace. Reaching out for safe support and being honest about the totality of our experience allows us to face the inevitable. It allows us to lead with love. It’s brave when we decide to be honest with how we are feeling and allow ourselves to be seen in our vulnerability. We combat the lies of the enemy and step up more towards the light of truth by using our voice as a weapon.  And so when fear wants to creep in and cause us to isolate, to reject any love, to convince us of why we are unworthy or why life won’t get any better, see it as a call to invite love towards that part even more. It’s in our dark moments where we may feel ashamed, want to put on a mask, or push people away cause we feel afraid of being rejected. It’s in these vulnerable experiences though where we have the opportunity of move through the pain to come alive a little more.

Listening to your feelings. Ask yourself what do you need. Maybe it’s encouragement from others, a hug, a simple dance in your living room or maybe it’s a call just to rest. The two simple questions “how do I feel?” and “what do I need?” are key to taking care of ourselves and allowing us to receive more of God’s presence to fill us up.

Love has everything to do with it.

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