The Freedom in Self-Expression

The Freedom in Self-Expression

To create or not to create, that is the question

photo by John Sting


We usually think that we need to be creative in order to create, to be an artist in order to make art,or to be a writer in order to write. I think you get the clue with where I am going here, that we need to “be” something in order to actually embody and claim that role but you see that role is just a title. It’s not our true identity. Our identity does not lie in what we do but most importantly lies from the core of who we are, our soul. However, the world we live in is constantly giving us messages of what to do, how to be, how to think, and how to feel that we can lose touch with the core of who we are. As a result, we end up disconnecting from ourselves and are unable to express ourselves.

What’s keeping one trapped from expressing oneself? Unprocessed pain. Icky wicky, stagnant stories from our past that have blinded our ability to clearly see and reside in the present moment. Our past is keeping us stuck in our old limiting ways, without faith and trust in God, and hiding in shame and guilt. When we hide in shame and guilt, we stay stuck in isolation and are thirsting to express ourselves but too afraid to give voice to what’s inside of us.

And yet, it is creativity and connection that will set us free. It is giving voices to our truth in the present moment that will set us free and even take us higher to greater creative pursuits. And maybe being an artist, writer, or poet isn’t your aim but what we are all seeking is peace and freedom and that is found in being who we were created to be. Self-expression allows greater connection to ourselves and greater connection to God and when we have this greater connection, we know more peace.

It is through being still more and getting out that paintbrush or pen and letting out whatever wants to come out that we come closer to freedom. Maybe it’s just dancing angrily or happily in a room by yourself or maybe it’s just calling that friend to express what’s on your heart. It is not about focusing on the outcome but allowing the process of our emotions to fully move through us so we can clear the space for more of God’s light to enter our heart space. And as a result, we experience more freedom.

Freedom faces and accepts whatever shows up in our life-our pain, doubts, fears, and sorrows as well as our triumphs, joy, and victories. All of it. Freedom calls for self-expression and expressing oneself leads to freedom.

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