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FREE Pregnancy Testing

Birth Choice of the Desert provides a free pregnancy test that is simple and effective.

Pregnancy tests measure a hormone called HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). HCG is present in as little 10 days after ovulation.  The test given by Birth Choice of the Desert gives you immediate results using a urine sample during the time of your appointment. The procedure is safe and confidential.

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Please Note: Birth Choice of the Desert is a pregnancy resource center and should not be considered a substitution for your doctor’s care and information.

FREE Ultrasound Referral

If your pregnancy test is positive, Birth Choice of the Desert can refer you to a nearby provider who will perform a free ultrasound test.

A prenatal ultrasound test uses high-frequency sound waves, inaudible to the human ear, that are transmitted through the abdomen via a device called a transducer to look at the inside of the abdomen. This ultrasound process is a valuable tool in knowing more about your pregnancy.


If your pregnancy test is positive, the staff at Birth Choice of the Desert will discuss the next steps with you.  They can share pregnancy information and discuss some precautions you should take. You can also ask questions about your pregnancy and learn more about different options.


The Birth Choice of the Desert team is here to help you in every step of your pregnancy journey. There are three options to consider when you are pregnant, and the caring Birth Choice staff will walk you through each of them to help you with your decision.

Choices Education – Weekly Prenatal and Parenting Courses

Prenatal Classes

Birth Choice of the Desert offers prenatal courses to help you prepare for child birth and how to care for your newborn.

Parenting Courses

In addition to prenatal courses, Birth Choice of the Desert has parenting courses for parents to attend and learn about caring for their children.

Post Abortion Support

If you are in emotional or spiritual pain after abortion, there are resources and options available to you at Birth Choice of the Desert. You are not alone in what you have been feeling, and you don’t need to be alone and isolated as you recover. As you reach out to Birth Choice for assistance, you will discover a team of experienced staff who will be able to offer compassionate support.

Nuestros Servicios

Todos los servicios que ofrecemos en Birth Choice of the Desert son gratuitos. Entendemos sus necesidades y nos adaptamos a su situación. ¿Está embarazada? ¿Piensa estarlo? Nosotros le podemos ayudar.

Si está pasando por un embarazo no planeado, le podemos ayudar. Le proveeremos con los siguientes servicios:

Pruebas de embarazo de calidad y con resultados inmediatos

Clases prenatales para las madres (y los padres)

Un programa para obtener ropa, panales, y otros articulos esenciales

Consejería individual y consejería en pareja

* Información sobre servicios de adopción


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