Parenting Support-New Parents

Parenting Support-New Parents2018-05-28T13:19:56-07:00

In the face of a pregnancy you perhaps were not prepared for, you may feel overwhelmed, scared and even stressed. You might feel you are too young, that it’s not the right time, that you have education goals you haven’t completed, that you don’t have enough money to care for a child. You may wonder how to go about changing the course of your life if this was not the plan for your future. Your first instinct might be, “I cannot be a parent yet.”

However, with the resources and support Birth Choice of the Desert offers, parenting might be possible for you. Birth Choice offers parenting and prenatal and parenting classes, counseling, items to help care for your baby, and more.

We provide encouragement and support throughout this journey.

All of Birth Choice of the Desert’s services are free, private and confidential.

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