“A Who is a Who, No Matter How Small”

“A Who is a Who, No Matter How Small”

I’m Pregnant? … Yes, I am Pregnant!

In the face of a pregnancy you perhaps were not prepared for, you may feel overwhelmed, scared and even stressed. You might feel you are too young, that it’s not the right time, that you have education goals you haven’t completed, that you don’t have enough money to care for a child. You may wonder how to go about changing the course of your life if this was not the plan for your future. Your first instinct might be, “I cannot be a parent yet.”

However, with the resources and support Pregnancy Centers, such as Birth Choice of the Desert offer, parenting might be possible for you. Birth Choice offers parenting and prenatal and parenting classes, counseling, items to help care for your baby, and more. They provide encouragement and support throughout the journey so that you can feel confident and joyful in this new season in your life!

Being a new parent or young mom in not your identity or label, it’s a season that you are in.  Embrace it and find joy in your new season!  Pregnancy Centers, such as Birth Choice are friendly refuges for a woman of any age who thinks she might be pregnant and where she can get all the help that is needed.  For more information, call (760) 775-LOVE or visit BirthChoiceoftheDesert.org


“I was alone and scared when I first walked in the door at Birth Choice.  I was 15, pregnant, a high-school dropout and did not know where to turn to.  Within a short session with my counselor we were able to discuss and make a plan for my safety and for the safety of my unborn child.  Now, I am 18 and attending college to become an adoption counselor in my community, thanks to the friends I made at Birth Choice – Amy, CA”

If you would like to read more about how pregnancy changes lives, you can read Amy Ford’s “A Bump in Life” – A hope-filled collection of real like stories by inspiring young girls from different backgrounds who all experienced God’s grace and redemption in their journeys through unplanned pregnancy.


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