The Power of Grace

The Power of Grace

photo by Miguel Bruna

Waking up every morning is an invitation to surrender into the warm embrace of the present moment where God is. Okay…maybe not every morning feels like a warm embrace when we are scrambling with time and trying to plan our  day ahead, while catching up with the things we forgot to do the day before. However, setting the intention to take that extra five minutes to slow down and to just breathe is where we meet grace.

Grace is found in the present moment where God is. Grace is what reminds us that no matter what trials we have ahead of us or the mistakes of yesterday, we can start over. We can give ourselves permission to start over. And yet, grace can’t be earned.

We don’t earn grace by beating ourselves up, trying harder, and doing life alone. Instead, we learn to cultivate grace in our lives more by embracing our vulnerability through sinking into the difficult moments where we would rather turn away from, run, or hide.  Grace certainly isn’t about feeling good all the time.  Rather, it’s an acceptance of what life presents us with. It’s a receiving of an outpouring of love. It’s an invitation to being love. And with being love, we realize and accept that there are moments of giving love and there are moments of receiving it too, to fill our cup up. And yet, in those difficult moments, grace reminds  us of the opportunity in every moment to ask for help and to receive God’s presence to help us turn towards what we are avoiding instead of rushing ahead without Him.

When fear, doubt, depression, and loneliness can kick in, it’s typical to rush ahead, trying to push hard to make things happen or forcing relationships or experiences.  In these states of separation, we feel stuck or like we are not getting anywhere which then causes us to feel like throwing in the towel and giving up. And yet, through allowing ourselves to receive love for all those parts where we would rather cover up or turn away from, we allow grace to build our worthiness.

Knowing and embracing our worthiness then allows us to get up out of bed and start over in every moment because we learn where we were is not who we are or where we are going. We know that forgiveness and grace is found in the present moment.



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