Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Pregnancy Symptoms?

Symptoms of pregnancy will vary among women as each body is different. One significant symptom among most women is a missed menstrual cycle. Here is a list of some common signs of pregnancy. Please note that there are other medical conditions that can cause these symptoms.

Missed Periods


Tender Breasts


Nausea/Morning Sickness



Frequent Urination

Darkening of Nipples

Food Cravings or Food Aversions



How Can Birth Choice Help?

Birth Choice of the Desert provides a number of free services for women who are pregnant and looking for support as they consider their options.

Learn about all that Birth Choice has to offer here.

Are Services Free and Confidential?

All of Birth Choice of the Desert’s services are free, private and confidential.

How Can I Learn More About Adoption?

Adoption can be an excellent solution to an unplanned pregnancy. It is an alternative to raising a child when a woman feels unprepared. It also provides a way to choose not to end a life because of a difficult situation. Adoption is conducted very differently now than in years past. The birth mother is empowered to choose the adoptive parents from resumes and interviews. Any degree of involvement in the baby’s life can be mutually agreed upon and arranged.

Birth Choice of the Desert is not a licensed adoption agency, however we refer to excellent adoption agencies for planning your choice. There are thousands of couples waiting to welcome a child into their lives. The best way to begin is to contact:

Holy Family Services – (800) 464-2367

Lifetime Adoption – (800) 923-6784

Adoption Network – (866) 942-3678

International Christian Adoption – (951) 695-3336

Bethany Christian Services – (800) 238-4269

I could never give up my baby for adoption?

We inform women to consider that open adoption can be an option for them and their baby (up thru toddler) if they want to:

Pursue earlier goals and plans

Avoid having to parent prematurely

Be free of the financial burdens of parenting

Avoid being pressured into a marriage

Can I Bring Someone with Me?

Yes, you can bring a friend or relative with you.

How Can I Help an Expectant Friend?

Let your friend know Birth Choice of the Desert is here for her, and encourage her to schedule an appointment so she can receive free support and services as she considers her options.

Do You Offer Support for Dads?

Yes. Here is an example of some of the advice we give to expectant fathers:

LISTEN TO HER: There are now three lives involved and you need to think about all of them.

STAY CALM FOR HER: She is the mother of your baby and they both need your support now. You are both parents now and your baby needs you.

TALK WITH HER ABOUT IT: Be prepared to talk with parents and others close to the situation. Your support system can oftentimes be helpful and can help you reduce stress. Don’t hide it.

KNOW THE FACTS: Get all the information you need to make the best decision for all three of you.

EXPRESS YOURSELF HONESTLY: It’s normal to have feelings of anger, frustration and fear, but make sure she knows she is not alone.

REMEMBER: Your role as a father is an important one. Be a part of the mother-father-baby team. Your input is valuable.

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