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Abortion might be the first thing that came to mind when you found out you were pregnant. If you’re feeling pressured to end your pregnancy or personally don’t feel you can take this pregnancy full-term, you may be considering an abortion. Be sure you have all the facts before you take that step. There are a number of things you must know medically – as well as how an abortion may affect the future of your health.

An abortion is not simple. What may seem like an office procedure can actually be something that will change your life forever through significant physical, emotional and spiritual issues that can stay with you in your lifetime.

There are different types of abortion procedures depending on the stage of pregnancy – each of them with risks. In addition, you should learn more about fetal development and where your baby is at in its growth within any given time of your pregnancy’s progression – particularly if you are considering an abortion. You should also be informed about, at what point in your pregnancy, it is too late to have an abortion.

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